April 28, 2019

Looking through my phone, I found this note I wrote myself and it held a lot of power for me today. I needed it, to affirm me, to remind me, to keep me focused. It is true that things happen when you need them to.

I am so much.

I am a multi-faceted complex creature.

I am all heart, although I’m intelligent enough to know it’s my down fall.

I am sensitive.

I love deeply, I care deeply, I am guarded deeply.

I care too much about relationships, that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to change.

I am so many things.

I’m a mother, wife, friend, athlete, artist, poet, philosopher, astrologist, purest, rule-breaker, fighter, loyalist.

I’m worth trying.

I’m worth really knowing.

I matter.

I’m proud of all success, others and mine.

I love the underdog, who doesn’t?

I’m messed up but I know where I stand.

I care.

I hurt. 

I’m not my parents.

I deserve the same chance as anyone. 

Some people are not deserving of my time.

Some people will not even try to know me, before they cast me aside. 

They will not know this big heart, intelligent free thinker, open door, forgiver, meticulous worrier, self saboteur, steadfast warrior.

They will only ever see nothing, because they choose it. 

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